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Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park is located at East Gwillimbury.

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1. - 47 years old - couple - Canada - September 2012 - 1 day - posted on 16.03.2013

Rating out of ten: overall 9, nudity 10, nature 10, respect 10, welcome 10, cleanliness 10, security 10, activities 8, services 8, accommodation 8.

Strengths: This was our first visit to Bare Oaks and our first experience with Naturism other than on our own in private. We are a Gay Male couple from Barrie, ON in our 30's and Bare Oaks is about a 50 minute drive for us. We did tonnes of reading on Bare Oaks website before deciding to try it out. I won't lie, nerves were a little high as we turned in the driveway but they seem to subside quickly as you start to see people walking around nude. We decided to take our clothes off at the car before we went to the office to register and I recommend doing so, everyone including the person behind the counter in the clubhouse was nude so if you went in clothed you would likely feel more out of place than being nude. We got registered by a very friendly lady, watched the 10 minute compulsory video on the park history and video tour and we were off to explore the park on our own. It only took a few minutes of walking around before we came across a group of people playing a game called Pétanque, as we walked by one of the members shouted Welcome To Bare Oaks! We walked around the whole park and back to the clubhouse area and grabbed a couple of chairs in the very large yard to soak up some sun for a while. There was a beach volleyball game on the go, the pool was busy, people sitting on the patio of the Bare Bistro, Lots of people around but nobody looks or stares at you, nobody cares what you look like, nobody invades your space, you can be as private or as social as you want to be. It didn't take long to run into another gay couple in the pool, and we noticed what we suspected to be quite a few gay couples throughout the day so it was nice to know we weren't the only ones. After sunning for a while we used the pool, the hot tub, had a bite to eat at the Bare Bistro, went for another walk around the park and repeated that a few times through the day and headed home around 6PM. All in all it was a great first visit and we can't wait to go back. If you are on the fence about visiting a Naturist Park I would highly suggest Bare Oaks for your first time. Everyone was friendly, nobody cares what you look like, free your body, free your mind! P.S. Listen to the Naturist Living Show which is available on iTunes among other places for free, it is hosted by the owner of Bare Oaks and is packed full of great information about the park and Naturism in general!
Weaknesses: Small Pool / Pool Deck, not so warm sometimes.

2. - 74 years old - family - Canada - July 2007 - 14 days - posted on 20.10.2007

Rating out of ten: overall 10, nudity 10, nature 10, respect 10, welcome 10, cleanliness 10, security 10, activities 10, services 10, accommodation 10.

Strengths: Heated salt-water outdoor pool. Friendly staff. Excellent food. Attractive grounds. Playground for children. Family atmosphere. Nudity required, not clothing-optional.

3. - 55 years old - family - Canada - June 2007 - 7 days - posted on 20.10.2007

Rating out of ten: overall 8, nudity 6, nature 10, respect 10, welcome 8, cleanliness 9, security 10, activities 8, services 7, accommodation 7.

Strengths: Nice property, very natural with lots of rivers, ponds and forested area. Amazing playground for the kids. Great volleyball court. Salt water, solar heated pool was refreshing. 2 saunas and a salt water hot tub.
Weaknesses: Some members not really naturist (clothed more than not).

4. - 72 years old - family - Canada - August 2007 - 31 days or more - posted on 19.10.2007

Rating out of ten: overall 9, nudity 10, nature 10, respect 10, welcome 9, cleanliness 9, security 9, activities 8, services 10, accommodation 8.

Strengths: Being comfortable with Nudity is practiced and encouraged with areas to suit all people in all stages of becomming natural Nudists. The Members and Staff were very welcoming, encouraging my family to take part and relax and enjoy our stay in the way we wanted to and felt comfortable with.
The food was excellent with a different menue every day created to provide for many personal preferences.
Camp sites were spacious and well provided with water and electricity and a central shower and washroom facility. Two ponds, a lake with swimming area, two rivers and many nature trails provided a peaceful relaxing day walking and resting for a while in many beautiful spots to just watch the nature which surrounds this campground.
You want to play petanque, just go to the court near the clubhouse and sound off the horn, wait 5 minutes and people turn up from all over the park and form teams.
You wont need your body lotion if you swim in the Salt Water pool or hot tub as they leave you soft and natural unlike the chemically managed pools.
On a cold or rainy day or in the evening the clubhouse becomes a meeting place for conversation by the log fire, watching a movie or the satellite TV or reading a book from the hundreds available in the library.
Families with children are not only welcome they are encouraged and there are many areas dedicated to childrens play activities.
Weaknesses: The facility is currently not licenced for selling alcohol so I had to find my clothes and go to textile land for half an hour and stockup.

5. - 68 years old - family - Canada - July 2007 - 3 days - posted on 19.10.2007

Rating out of ten: overall 9, nudity 10, nature 7, respect 10, welcome 10, cleanliness 9, security 10, activities 9, services 10, accommodation 8.

Strengths: Very friendly club with true Naturist INF/FCN based values. Expected and embraced by all present a happy sense of totally clothing free living while on the grounds for all present at Bare Oaks including the staff and owner.
Club and active members are youth friendly, new world class playground is available for the children to enjoy for hours on end.
Clean camp sites, good facilities, excellent food quality. A range of sports activities are available for interested parties. Good indoor facilities including hot tub, pool table and lounge.
Staff runs a very professional operation with the customer in mind. Club offers a consistent focus on honest and sincere clothing free living with a true sense of respect for self and others.
Feel very much at peace and comfortable, excellent balance of couples along with an increasing number of younger people enjoying the lifestyle at Bare Oaks.
Weaknesses: Future tennis courts will be a welcome addition to the club (anticipated to be available for 2008 summer season).