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Find the perfect naturist campsite thanks to our 160 criteria showcases 295 naturist campsites in 22 countries. Make the most of our selection of search tools to find the right naturist campsite for your next holidays. Just enter a location and then narrow your search down by picking from our 160 criteria. Our search criteria are diverse, covering things like general information about a campsite, the facilities, services, activities, etc. For example, you can specify that you are looking for a naturist campsite in the Aquitaine region in France that has a heated and covered pool, is dog-friendly and has a tennis court, sauna and golf course on-site or nearby. With 160 search criteria, anything's possible!

Why not use a map to find the right campsite ?

Our selection of 31 different maps is a great way of finding the perfect naturist campsite for your holidays. You can use our world map with its 295 naturist campsites, or opt for our continent- or country-based maps. On the map of France, for example, you'll find 91 naturist campsites. Just click on a campsite marker, then on the "Go to website" link and you'll be redirected to the website of the corresponding naturist campsite.

74 reviews of naturist campsites

Getting it right is important when choosing a naturist campsite for your holidays. Reading reviews from fellow naturist holidaymakers can help you. You can currently browse through 74 naturist campsite reviews. Each review is split into three sections. The first section provides information about the naturist who posted the review: their first name, age, family status and home country. This information is important in deciding whether the review is relevant for you. Often, a couple with two teenagers won't be looking for the same things in a naturist campsite as a retired couple. A campsite with little entertainment may be ideal for an older couple, but too quiet for a family with teenagers. The second part of the review shows the ratings. Ten criteria are rated - seven general ones and three naturist-specific ones. The general criteria are: overall rating, welcome, cleanliness, security, activities, services and accommodation. The three other criteria cover whether the campsite concerned respects naturist values.

Nature, nudity and respect as criteria

For the international naturist federation, naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differing views as well as respect for the environment. This definition, written in Agde in 1974, was the basis for adding nature, nudity and respect as criteria. The stem of the word naturism is "nature", and not by chance. For a naturist, being surrounded by nature and respecting the environment is essential. The nature criterion is for rating this. A campsite in natural surroundings, with trees, etc., will get a high rating. However, a campsite in a built-up area surrounded by concrete is likely to get a lower rating. The second mainstay of naturism is communal nudity. Without this, there is no naturism. When naturists book a holiday in a campsite advertised as naturist, they expect to be able to live in the nude, surrounded by other naked people. If half of the campsite users wear sarongs or shorts, then something's not right. The nudity criterion is for rating this aspect. The third and final criterion is respect. Respect refers to many things for naturists, but especially self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment. For example, at a naturist campsite, you don't expect to find people who throw litter on the ground or listen to the radio at full blast until 2 a.m. Respect for these three criterion is what makes naturism. It instils the harmony required to create a feeling of well-being.

Strengths and weaknesses

The third part of the review is for highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the naturist campsite concerned. This is where the reviewer gives their opinion and explains the ratings given. If the text is in a foreign language you don't understand, you can click on "Read the automatic translation". It may be a far from perfect translation, as it is automatic, but it can still give you an idea about what is in the review.

Happy naturist holidays!

We hope that this website helps you find your perfect naturist campsite, enabling you to spend great holidays in harmony with nature and to experience the well-being that naturism fosters. If you're tempted by naturism, wait no longer! Try it and you won't look back. Once you have spent your first holidays in a naturist campsite, you'll only have one regret - not having done it sooner ! Happy naturist holidays to all !

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